Thursday, 5 May 2011

My first Blog entry.

Hi everyone my names Pete and today is my 22nd birthday.
now im not sure if this is normal but i think im having a quarter life crisis, (if such a crisis can occur)
this basically involves me panicking because my life has become very dull indeed. i think iv felt like this for a while but in the last week its really hit home.

Perhaps i should explain, a week ago today i was on my way back to Birmingham from Plymouth for the final time after spending just over 4 years in her majesty's Royal navy, now however i have the freedom to do what i want when i want but i have a cash flow problem which im working on by the way.

I do have a plan tho, i'm going to make as much cash as i can by any means necessary between now and the 12th of may, on the 12th i can legally start working again so im going to hit the recruitment agenceys and get some temp work for 5 or 6 weeks.

When iv worked for a few weeks on the agency and secured a bit more cash im going to simply bugger off to where ever the wind takes me.

So this blog is about me scraping some money together and going traveling, unoriginal i know but this is not going to be easy, i am going to struggle but i want a challenge.

What to expect.

over the next few weeks or so i wouldn't expect amazing stories, the first phase of this blog is primarily fund raising but when i finally get on the road in June it shall be somewhat more exciting.
knowing me i will land myself in some ridiculous situations all over the world.

finally if you have any suggestions on where i should visit or how i can raise money for my trip at home or on the road then i would love to hear from you.

thanks. pete.


  1. Well done Pete. Now you have your first follower. Get on with it!

  2. Pete, "life crises" (like "brain farts") can happen ANYTIME to anyone, at any age! Have you ever heard of ALBY MANGELS? There's a link on my post here... WHEREVER YOU GO PETE - use your BLOG to document your travels. Link your mobile phone to your blog so you can upload direct without needing a laptop or desktop PC.
    Good Luck!

  3. get on them street corners mate. u must be used to gettin your back door raided by now, being in the navy n all


  4. Badger, Dave, thanks for your support and helpful cements, good to know there are like minded individuals.

    chris, despite my career in the navy im not that way inclined but thanks all the same for the advice, im glad you think i fit the criteria for such a physical means to earning a living and im sure if you keep searching you will find a man willing to have sex with you.

    thanks again.

    p.s. please tell your friends about my blog, i need all the support and advice i can get.