Thursday, 5 May 2011

My second post... i know this will get old but im new lol

Hi everyone.

So iv bin thinking of how to make some extra cash between now and when i start working again.

Firstly i put a few bits on eBay so hopefully that will bring in a bit of cash, i'm selling some silver dollars on there so if thats your sort of thing then check it out.

i saw Google add sense however i don't think i'm generating enough traffic to make any real money off that just yet. lol

My sister had an interesting idea to make some very good money very quickly but contrary to a comment made on my first post i don't think i have the stomach.

Allow me to explain her idea.

Now i say this without any prejudice and i fore warn any readers that my sisters input may lower the tone of this blog just a little bit so il get it over with.

My sister is a visual merchandiser for a well known brand, i think she sees herself as a bit of a fashion guru and without trying to paint a stereotype she has a number of gay friends.
my sister and her gay friends spend a lot of time in gay bars and nightclubs and apparently at one of these bars they employ people to dance around in there underwear on a stage.
I dismissed this as a silly idea until i heard how much these dancers get paid.
Fifty pounds an hour!!!....... Honestly.

So i started thinking, could i subject myself to that in the name of global exploration, i could do a 6 hour shift and make £300, it is very tempting and besides i'm comfortable with my sexuality, i have a girlfriend so i shouldn't have anything to fear but its a tricky one.

I have a bit of cash at the moment and i have some on the way hear and there and the whole point of my trip is for it to be a struggle but would doing something like my sisters suggestion make the whole story from the beginning (yesterday) to the end (whenever that may be) a little more exciting?

Maybe the journey (the pursuit of adventure) is the real story.

Your thoughts please...........

My crazy sister Lydia above with my mums dog Reilly.

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