Friday, 6 May 2011

post 3. poetry and I

hi everyone, well.... you two lol

so iv bin at my get rich quick schemes again and i found a few poetry competitions with £5000 prizes.

I know what your thinking "but pete your not a poet" but i have written a few poems here and there.
if you would like to see an example of my poetry please read on if not then stop reading now.

smoke on the water     by peter Dugdale

I step into the ocean breeze
for the thing that makes me cough and weeze.
this is just the price i pay
to rid the stresses of the day.

smoking on the open sea
i think about my family.
what are they up to back at home?
as the waves crash and foam.

my friends all working nine to fives
leading ver normal lives.
how i wish i could be there
back at home without a care.

Instead i'm sailing long and far
filling my lungs with blackest tar.

your thoughts please...

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